Workforce Data Initiative


The mission of the Workforce Data Initiative is to increase accessibility and interoperability of workforce data across the public and private sectors, and facilitate open data standards and easier access for researchers to the private data underlying training, skills, jobs, and wages. 

Center for Data Science and Public Policy (DSaPP)

The Center for Data Science and Public Policy (DSaPP) at the University of Chicago is a joint center between The Harris School of Public Policy and the Computation Institute to further the use of data science in policy research and practice.

DSaPP is a leader in data science for public policy and social problems. We work on projects with government and non-profit partners to solve high-impact social problems using data science, create scalable, data-driven systems for improving public health, education, public safety, and economic development, and develop trainings, methods, and tools to ensure ethical and fair use of data driven methods in public policy.

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Matt Gee

Principal Investigator

T: 512-785-4752

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