Stanford Data Center for Population and Social Science Research


The Stanford Data Center for Population and Social Science Research is developing cross-discipline tools to increase use of government and private sector data. From a user-centered approach, we identify and address gaps and bottlenecks, helping researchers access metadata and microdata through easy-to-use portals.  

Our project has three aims:

  1. Improve efficiencies in the contracting process: We have assessed a diverse array of public and private contracts currently governing research on restricted data to identify a subset of common themes and issues. By engaging a consortium of universities, we will develop a basis to standard and streamline the data access contracting process.

  2. Improve access to restricted data in the Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC). We are expanding the physical space and improving transparency on the procedures to use the secure data enclave. Such procedures and processes will be transferrable to other secure data labs.

  3. Developing tools for data users including a data portal that supports data discovery, transformation, and cohort selection; and development of cloud based analytic environment to handle sensitive and large datasets.

Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS)

Stanford University is one of the world's leading research universities. It is known for its entrepreneurial character and its relationship to Silicon Valley. Several academic Centers at Stanford are key resources for this project:


  • The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) is a research organization studying a range of empirically oriented, policy-relevant topics including but not limited to education, tax policy, labor markets, trade policy, macroeconomics, industrial organization, and economic development. 

  • Stanford’s Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRISS) supports interdisciplinary and computationally intensive research in centers on poverty and inequality, immigration policy, philanthropy and civil society, American democracy, and computational social science and hosts the Stanford Federal Statistical Research Data Center.

  • Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS) promotes trans-disciplinary research focused on the contribution of each life stage to health, disease, function and mortality using population-level data and advanced analytic methods.

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