Call for Examples: Administrative Data Intermediaries

Are you an organization that facilitates the sharing and use of administrative data for social science research? The ADRF Network is seeking to interview organizations that self-identify as administrative data intermediaries for its working group on Data Sharing Governance and Management.

The organizations should fulfill most of the following characteristics:

  1. Facilitate data access between multiple data providers and multiple data users, including academic researchers

  2. Do not necessarily have to house any data, but play an active role in connecting data users to data providers

  3. Operate as a nonprofit (i.e. part of university, government, or other entity)

  4. Work with data that are:

  • Collected by governments or businesses for non-research purposes

  • In the social sciences space, including economics and business

  • Restricted or sensitive in some manner (i.e. not open data)

  • Preferably not limited to a geographic area (i.e. national coverage preferred)

  • Able to be used by researchers at the individual-level (i.e. microdata)

Interviews are conducted through May 2018. If interested, please contact the Director of the ADRF Network, Monica King, at

More information is available in the image below.

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