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Working Group Reports 

The ADRF Network formed three working groups in November 2017 to collaboratively and proactively tackle high priority issues in the field. Together, these groups engage over 30 participants. In June 2018, the groups published their reports and recommendations. 

The Data Quality and Standards Working Group determined where current administrative data quality standards exist and where additional guidance are needed. The group used a hypothetical example to illustrate how improved data quality can make administrative data research better. 

Chair and Lead Author: Amy O'Hara (Stanford University)

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The Data Sharing Governance and Management Working Group focused on data intermediaries that help to expand access to administrative data for a broad range of researchers. The group interviewed 11 data intermediaries and identified 9 unique functions that they serve to facilitate the data sharing process between data providers and researchers.

Chair: Ken Poole (Center for Regional and Economic Competitiveness)

Lead Author: Monica King (ADRF Network)

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The working group on Communicating about Data Privacy and Security identified six core stages of the administrative data research lifecycle and developed a framework for how researchers can conduct stakeholder engagement throughout the research lifecycle. 

Co-Chair and Lead Author: Kelsey Finch (Future of Privacy Forum)

Co-Chair: Jules Polonetsky (Future of Privacy Forum)

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